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natalie wright
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Natalie Wright | Editor

As editor of The Voice, Natalie is able to combine two of her favorite things in life: writing and meeting interesting people.

Natalie studied international relations at Oakland University for two years, before returning to her hometown of Ann Arbor. She planned to take a few courses at WCC before transferring to Eastern Michigan University to continue on a path toward non-profit work in less-developed countires. However, with one journalism class, she was hooked, and never looked back.

She developed a love for language early in life that was rekindled and fostered in her positions as staff writer and managing editor of The Voice. This is her third year at the newspaper. In May, she will graduate with an associates degree in journalism, and hopes to find her place in a local newsroom. Eventually, she hopes to write for magazines and possibly explore documentary filmmaking.



Email: estout@wccnet.edu
Blog: emjstout.blogspot.com

EJ Stout | Managing Editor

EJ Stout has been a creative doer for as long as she can remember, and eagerly continues to explore new sources of inspiration. She began her collegiate studies at Indiana University, with a focus in small business, before moving to the photography program at WCC. Finally, she found a home in graphic design, and plans to see this degree through to the end. She hopes that her time at The Voice will increase her skills in photojournalism and publication design.

In addition to her studies, EJ spends her free time feeding addictions to live music and good craft beer.


Erik Morris | Graphic Designer

Erik has been interested in creating things since he was very young. From building societies out of Legos to drawing irrelevant cartoons, he had always wanted to get a job doing something creative, and finally settled on graphic design in his sophomore year of high school. After high school he had planned to go to the College for Creative Studies to major in graphic design, but, deciding it was a bit too expensive for four years, he instead decided to take most of his transferrable classes at WCC first in order to cut costs. On a recommendation, he walked into the Voice’s newsroom at the beginning of his first semester, and has been working as an illustrator and designer for the paper ever since.

Besides graphic design, Erik also spends a considerable amount of his free time playing and developing video games, as well as biking around between Ann Arbor and Saline.

Email: benjellsworth@gmail.com

Ben Ellsworth | Graphic Designer

After a childhood spent devouring every book he could get his hands on and dreaming of being a mad scientist, Ben discovered the wonders of art and design late in High School. He has since redirected his crazed imagination into various creative disciplines including digital illustration, photography, 3D modeling, and drawing; but always with a focus on augmenting and furthering his design work. Despite much of his time being spent on artistic pursuits Ben still has a love for reading and any gathering of knowledge.

Now at the Voice he hopes to get some real world design experience as well as explore the potential of publication design.

mary donaldson
Email: mmorrisdonaldson@wccnet.edu

M. M. Donaldson | Staff Writer

Quite frequently accused of answering questions with a question, M. M. Donaldson has found journalism late in life to be the sexy, fast-paced lifestyle she has always craved.

Currently a Journalism student at WCC, M. M. Donaldson has a BS in Family and Community Services from Michigan State University, and has several years experience with nutrition issues affecting infants through older adults.

With a bit of luck, but mostly from support and encouragement from fellow Voice staffers and journalism mentor Keith Gave, she has been able to combine past and present education with the regular column, Healthy Voice.

M. M. Donaldson is continually inspired by every person’s story and hopes she has found journalism early enough in life to write about as many stories as possible, outing the ugly and recalling the beauty.

Twitter: @GenreChowder

Sanaa Naeem | Cartoonist

Since I was five years-old, I’ve been drawing and writing as often as I could. I’ve written two of a trilogy I wanted to create, and I’ve drawn and written a comic book series called Axolotl. One of the many reasons I was happy to join the team at The Washtenaw Voice as a contributing illustrator. It’s a fine opportunity to further hone my artistic style and be a service to my community, something I wish to continue to do throughout my career.

Outside of strictly drawing/writing, I’m pretty into funny edutainment webseries and what documentaries I can get my hands on, especially if they’re about weather, volcanoes, or Russian history. Past that, things generally don’t hold my interest. Art’s something of an obsession of mine. There’s hardly anything I enjoy that’s not art-related. Except maybe Team Fortress 2.

Email: ealliston@wccnet.edu
Phone (work): (734) 973-3662

Becky Alliston | Advertising Manager

Three and a half years ago, Becky found herself without a job after working for more than 40 years. After one year of looking, and in truth enjoying the freedom of NOT working, she found herself without a goal. So she decided to return to school and find a place to use her skills and gain some new ones. This is her third year at WCC, and she will be completing her studies in 2013. During her first year here, she took a Marketing class and was introduced to the possibility of working for The Voice in the capacity of Advertising Manager. This turned out to be a great opportunity, and opened her eyes into the real world of behind-the- scenes work on a newspaper. Being a mother of five, and recently welcoming her 16th grandchild, you’d think she had enough to keep her busy. But working for The Voice has been a dream job, and she isn’t leaving until they make her. (They won’t!)