Surrounded by community, WCC student releases first album

Corey Strong album cover

Corey Strong’s six-song album ‘Believer’ was released in September 2014 and is available through iTunes and Amazon. Corey Strong | Courtesy Photo

By Erin Fedeson
Staff Writer


Teamwork, faith and family define the foundation that Washtenaw Community College student Corey Strong used to launch his first album, “Believer.”

WCC student Corey Strong, 33, of Southfield had played the organ for his church for years when he decided to try singing.

“I fell in love with it,” Strong said.

Strong studied at Hammell Music in Livonia for classical organ and voice before he began his studies at WCC in musical engineering. He wanted to have structure and understand what went on behind the scenes of music.

Sean Copeland, 25, an Eastern Michigan University student, studying electronic media and film studies helped Strong create the album.

The men grew up in Detroit together, and their families knew each other from church.

“He came over to my house in Detroit where I was living at the time with his lyrics,” Copeland said. They composed the lyrics and instrumentals in his living room.

Copeland played a number of roles. His keyboard playing accompanied Strong’s voice. As Strong’s producer, Copeland assisted in marketing and insured Strong’s creative vision was executed.

Strong is serious about his work, Copeland said, but has a great sense of humor, making the work process a lot of fun.

Andrea Meacham, 36, of Madison Heights, another member of Strong’s team, said his personality makes others want to work with him.

“There is a charisma around him,” Meacham explained. “He wants to help people.”

The album, Meacham added, was a way to get his message to the community. Her impression of Strong’s message about God is “Do the right thing with Him, and you have nothing to worry about.”

She joined Strong’s team as the photographer, a side job from her main career as a general adjuster for Farmers Insurance. She also helped him construct his website.

Strong credited his family, church members and team members for supporting his work. His future plans include a few concerts, Easter programs and a Christmas record out in time for Christmas 2015.