Voice in vogue: Coat couture

By Sofia Lynch, Features Editor
and Taylor Mabelitini, Staff Writer

It’s not news to anyone that winter is not the optimum time for fashion. Winter in general is so horrid you can’t do anything but layer up and make the best of it. If there is one article of clothing that has always helped people avoid the winter fashion doldrums, it’s the “statement coat.”

Statement coats are such a staple in winter fashion because of how much they impact an outfit. Coats are versatile and varied, with different patterns, materials and textures, and can easily brighten up a bulky, layered winter look.

Amongst some of the top textures noted at February’s New York Fashion Week, were the trends of fur and fringe – a perfect trend you can follow by topping off your outfits with a statement vintage coat.

If the throwback styles are too dramatic for you, try a trendy color. Yellow, military green, orange and pink were spotted, by Glamour and StyleList, as the high trends for the season at fashion week. On the other hand, if on-season trends don’t concern you, there are still a wide range of statement coats you could choose from to find a look that expresses “you.”

According to Vogue, statement coats were sported by many fashion week attendees.

And strutting the halls of Washtenaw Community College, many fashionable students are “in vogue” this winter, sporting their signature statement coats.

Janice Self

Janice Self, 18, of Ypsilanti. Sofia Lynch | Washtenaw Voice

Janice Self, 18, Ypsilanti, liberal arts

Scarf- Walmart
Coat- Citi Trends

Do you have a fashion philosophy? What makes you feel good. I’m in my work uniform, I’m not really feeling like all awesome about it, but this little scarf is helping me feel better about the day. I feel like it’s always good to keep things that you like about yourself. We as women we know what we like to see ourselves in, and we know what we don’t like. If that makes you feel good, then do it.

Do you shop with a trend in mind? Yes, I like bright colors. Jewelry! Jewelry makes a difference. I am so serious. Earrings and necklaces, I’ll always have them on deck, that’s what I shop for.

Do you have a favorite store? I like Charlotte Russe. Citi Trends is like a good place to pick up little things when you’re not having a lot of money, and that’s it. I’m a college working student I do not have a lot to shop for.

How crucial is your fashion in how you present yourself to others? I think it’s important. It’s crucial to me because you’re presenting who you are and if you show yourself like you don’t care, then that’s how people are gonna take you.

Davida Austin

Davida Austin, 24, of Detroit. Sofia Lynch | Washtenaw Voice

Davida Austin, 24, Detroit, accounting

Star Wars purse – The Rocket
Pants and jacket – Citi Trends

Do you have a fashion philosophy? Whatever hops out at me is what I’m buying

How would you describe your style? I don’t know; it’s just me.

How long do you spend getting ready in the morning? An hour

How crucial is your fashion to how you think you present yourself? Very crucial

Do you have a favorite store? Hot Topic

Do you shop with a trend in mind? I usually have some idea in my head of an outfit I might want from looking at other people and celebrities, but usually if I see something else that pops out at me, that’s what I’m gonna grab.

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