New year, new broken promises

Features Editor

What is it about resolutions that people just can’t stick to? Better yet, why do people even bother? Every New Year’s Day, people promise themselves a resolution and say as they have before, “This is going to be my year,” only to throw the promises out by February, along with the new weights or nicotine gum they swore they’d use.RESOLUTIONS-WEB

At the least, this emergence of hope every year can help keep people driven and out of the realms of seasonal depression that the cold will always bring. And if swearing an empty promise to yourself every year can give you that extra pep in your step, more power to you.

But most resolutions are a bigger bite than one can chew. As far as the most common resolution – weight loss – goes, no one is blaming the quitters. Walking into the gym for the first time in months, it’s as if the gym rats can sense all the hours you spent molded into your couch.

Maybe it’s just paranoia that makes the less active feel so singled out, or maybe it’s the face of bewilderment they wear as they scan the empty machines pondering what in the hell they do that draws eyes to them. It always feels nice for a second, “power-walking” on the treadmill to the beat of “New year, new me” pounding in your head, but by minute 20 that mantra is usually replaced with the overwhelming sounds of heavy breathing.

The difference between those who go to the gym and those who don’t is a very thin line. Everyone has those negative body thoughts as they look in the mirror, pinching at their chub and wishing it away. The difference is that those who do go to the gym somehow find it in themselves to choose the hell of working out over the supreme pleasure of vegging out.Sofia Lynch

And that’s what breaking a New Year’s resolution always comes down to: The want for change is outweighed by the pleasure of old, less strenuous ways. So next year, maybe start smaller, or at least try something more manageable – like spending more time with family, so you don’t feel the shadow of your broken resolutions hanging in the back of your mind all year.

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