Because you asked


People have been asking where we’ve been, in the hallways, in our emails and at board of trustee meetings. It is good to know how loud the cries would be on this campus if the Voice were to disappear, but be assured, we’re still here.

We were on temporary hiatus, planning for the future.

In December, the Voice’s advisor Keith Gave resigned his position and accepted a job writing for Fox Sports Detroit.

Since then, administrators have been meeting with the Voice staff as a group and individually to assess the needs of the paper and students currently and moving forward. After weeks of consideration, the Voice staff is getting back to work without an advisor for now.

Because the job encompasses so many varied responsibilities, and because it is crucial to find the person with not only the right qualifications, but also the right personality, mores, passion and work ethic, we fully support the administration in holding out for that right person.

The right teacher and mentor will make all the difference for the students who inherit the Voice for years down the line.

For now, we have no information on when the job will be posted.

In the meantime, the Voice leadership will meet with the editorial board, established by board of trustees policy, on a regular basis. Faculty, students and administrators sit on this board, and will provide us with feedback, guidance and advice.

We are confident that with the support of the WCC community, the Voice will continue to be a force this year and long into the future.

The Voice is an institution, as old as WCC itself. Throughout those 50 years, in much more turbulent times than these, the students, faculty and staff have shown a great understanding of the important role of a free press.

Despite disappearing for years at a time, the Voice has risen from the ashes in the past. The student newspaper that began by editorializing about civil rights and Vietnam War protests remains and is still keeping a watchful eye on WCC’s campus, and speaking up with the voice of the students.

As long as the readers desire a free press, the Voice isn’t going anywhere.

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