Voters care about WCC

On Nov. 4, we saw what a big difference an informed group of voters can make. Leading up to Election Day, when voters would choose three new Washtenaw Community College trustees, we heard from a lot of people, particularly WCC employees, that the community truly cared about this election.

While we believed that many cared, the question, as it often is, was how many of them are going to vote?

But as the midnight hour approached on election night, a clear picture emerged – people cared enough about this college to vote.

Although the race was tight for some, with incumbent Mark Freeman losing to Dave DeVarti by a narrow 57 votes, it was not so close for others. Both Ruth Hatcher and Christina Fleming won by a landslide. All three candidates endorsed by The Voice were elected, so, needless to say, we’re thrilled.

It’s clear voters wanted trustees who know the college, its students and employees well, and who will ask questions of the other trustees and administration.

They did not choose those with the most political experience. They did not choose those who spent the most money. They did not choose those with the most recognizable names. They chose those who promised this college needs –transparent, honest leadership and a heart for the students.

We hope the new trustees feel a heavy responsibility, knowing so many entrusted them with the future of WCC. We hope their leadership will be welcomed.

Thank you, voters, for doing what’s best for WCC. To continue to show you care, consider attending a board meeting, where you can listen and learn and make your voice heard. There are two more meetings this semester on Nov. 18 and Dec. 9, both at 6 p.m. in ML 150.

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