WCC students win big at radiography conference

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Nina Davidson, a 26-year-old radiography major at Washtenaw Community College, came in first place in the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technology student quiz bowl recently in Bay City.

Davidson commutes from Westland and is studying to become a nurse. She joined fellow radiography students to the MSRT annual conference, where she won the award for the college.

“We rubbed it in the face of the other schools and played ‘We Are the Champions’ when we won,” said Eric Lonnquist, a 42-year-old radiography major who also participated in the event, held Sept. 17-19.

“The MRST event is an annual meeting,” radiography instructor William Nelson said. “What we do is we meet and have educational courses.”

Nelson also said the MRST loves to hold competitions for the students. This event was a knowledge-based student bee.

“It’s like a spelling bee,” Nelson said. “The difference is the students are being asked questions about radiologic science instead of being asked how to spell words.

Davidson acknowledged that the award would be a good line on her resume, but was also excited that it awarded the department more funding from the MRST.

Students at WCC began practicing for the competition over the summer, on their own time.

“A lot of the questions we’re practicing are things we’re learning in class,” Nelson said. “It’s a huge advantage for students. We’re reviewing things that are going to be on the national registry, which is the exam they have to take to be registered in the country.

“It keeps it fresh in their mind, so it’s a huge advantage.”


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