Asbestos in LA building

By Natalie Wright

stock-la-buildingThe mold problem in the Crane Liberal Arts and Sciences building has turned into an asbestos problem, Vice President of Facilities Management Damon Flowers said at a recent board of trustees meeting.

“It’s a little more involved than we anticipated,” he said, adding that the remediation could cost up to $290,000 more than the original $500,000 budget, though the cost is not finalized yet.

“We’ve got some additional testing that we’re doing, and we’ll see to exactly what extent we have to remove asbestos,” Flowers explained.

Most of the asbestos remediation is similar to the mold remediation, he said, but a lot more containment and regulation comes into play with asbestos. The asbestos is also contained to the same areas as the mold, he added.

Flowers plans to update the trustees at the next meeting on Oct. 28.

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