Mold found in LA building

By Jon Price
Staff Writer

“Unacceptable” levels of mold were detected in the Crane Liberal Arts and Science building, according Associate Vice President of Facilities, Development and Operations, Damon Flowers.

Flowers said staff members who were working in rooms LA 138, LA 148A and LA 136B have been temporarily relocated while the school works to “complete the evaluation and make corrective repairs.”

Classes that were held in the area (LA 138 and LA 146) have been relocated as well.

No mold was detected in the second or third floors of the LA building.

Learning Support Services and part-time faculty employees working in LA 130 will also be relocated for repairs. However, an air quality test has determined that the levels of mold in this area are acceptable for occupancy.

 “In addition,” Flowers said, “we immediately isolated and sealed the rooms and ventilation systems in these areas.”

The work is expected to be finished in time for the fall semester, which starts in late August.

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