Washtenaw to host ‘Free College Day’

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March 2014 featured presenters

Washtenaw Community College will put on a “Free College Day” on Saturday, March 22, inviting members from the community to attend a variety of free presentations ranging from silk painting to one instructor’s recent trip to Mali.

Elisabeth Thoburn, a WCC history and humanities instructor, said that she is looking forward to being able to share her experiences during her trip last year to Mali. She plans to share some of the political and personal challenges of the journey, which eventually took her to Timbuktu.

Presentations will cover a wide variety of topics, including the Great Lakes, auto body detailing, fly-fishing and how “The Wizard of Oz” may have been inspired by the Populist Revolt of the 1890s.

The primary organizer of the event, Janet Hawkins, said that the day will present an opportunity for people who may not have ever attended college, or may not have attended in a long time, to get a feel for what college is like.

“I want people who attend Free College Day to know what I know about Washtenaw, that WCC is a wonderful place to explore new ideas and share those ideas with people,” Hawkins said.

The presentations, many of which will take place in the Morris Lawrence Auditorium, will be given by a variety of instructors from WCC, including David Fitzpatrick, a history teacher; Karen Vigmostad, a continuing education instructor and Scott Malnar, an auto body instructor.

Registration is required. To register for the event, visit http://tinyurl.com/lawfzsx and for more information, contact freecollegeday@wccnet.edu or call 734-973-3623.

WHAT: Free College Day

WHEN: March 22, 1-4 p.m.

WHO: All are invited


  • 1-1:55 p.m. – “More than a Wicked Witch: The Wizard of Oz and the Populist Revolt” by David Fitzpatrick in Towsley Auditorium
  • 2-2:55 p.m. – “A Journey From WCC to Timbuktu” by Elisabeth Thoborn in Towsley Auditorium
  • 3-4 p.m. – “The Great Lakes Today” by Karen Vigmostad in Towsley Auditorium
    “Detailing & Personalizing Your Vehicle” by Scott Malnar in the Occupational Education Building, OE 151


  • 1-4 p.m. – Community Enrichment instructors will showcase their classes in the Morris J. Lawrence building atrium. Stations will include piano, art, silk painting, knitting and basketry and fly-fishing.

FOR MORE INFORMATION call 734-973-3623 or email freecollegeday@wccnet.edu

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