WASTED: WCC places again in RecycleMania Top 10

WASTED: WCC places again in RecycleMania Top 10


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Washtenaw Community College improved its waste habits, but still dropped two notches to sixth place in Recyclemania, an annual 10-week contest to see how colleges perform in their recycling efforts. Last year, WCC finished fourth out of 148 colleges by throwing away 12.17 pounds of trash per student. This year, WCC tossed only 11.92 pounds per student. “We improved, so it’s good but I wanted to be in the top five,” said WCC Recycling Coordinator Pam McClure. While waste minimization was great, WCC finished poorly in recycling per student. Only 3.45 pounds were recycled per student, which ranked 310 out of 346. WCC doesn’t have that much waste to recycle, which puts the college behind in recycling numbers. Kalamazoo College threw away 10,369 pounds of waste during the competition and more than doubled WCC waste. Kalamazoo was fourth in recycling per student, but what helped that college is how much waste it had to recycle. WCC’s percentage of waste recycled improved. In 2009, 26.74 percent of the campus’ waste was recycled. This year: 38.88 percent. “I’m very happy our percentage went up,” McClure said. “I’d like to thank everyone who helped us but keep it going. It’s not just a 10 week thing, it’s every day and not just here. Hopefully it’s teaching people to recycle things they’re not used to and make it a habit.”

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